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Greatly encouraged, they prepared a little circular which was the first advertisement of the telephone business.
Next, having encouraged his thoroughly alarmed agents, Vail proceeded to build up a definite business policy.
It encouraged the few capitalists who had invested money, and it stirred others to come forward.
But, for the child's own sake, it ought not to be encouraged to have such amusements,' answered I, as meekly as I could, to make up for such unusual pertinacity.
In fact, I encouraged her visits last winter, that she might see what we can all offer her, and judge where she will be happiest.
If, in paying me this little attention, you only encouraged me by one fond word or one fond look, I resolved not to take the second dose of poison.
The fragments which were found accidentally stuck together by the gum, and which represent the part of the letter first completely reconstructed, begin at the phrase, "I spoke of you shamefully, Eustace;" and end with the broken sentence, "If in paying me this little attention, you only encouraged me by one fond word or one fond look, I resolved not to take--" With the assistance thus afforded to us, the labor of putting together the concluding half of the letter (dated "October 20") was trifling, compared with the almost insurmountable difficulties which we encountered in dealing with the scattered wreck of the preceding pages.
And this made books so cheap that many more people could buy them, and so people were encouraged both to read and write.
Great ladies courted, flattered, and encouraged him.
I was encouraged by nothing, mother, but by looking at the red sparks dropping out of the fire, and whitening and dying.
Mr Brass encouraging this idea, as he would have encouraged any other emanating from the same source, the dwarf walked in to try the effect.
She lived in such continual dread and apprehension of meeting one or other of them on the stairs or in the passages if she stirred from her grandfather's chamber, that she seldom left it, for a moment, until late at night, when the silence encouraged her to venture forth and breathe the purer air of some empty room.