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Secondly, according to Catholic Church doctrine, Papal Encyclicals are to be read and cited in full.
The encyclical has already won high praise from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
As the encyclical makes clear, the future does not have to be bleak.
The pope's encyclical will not be the Roman Catholic Church's first word on the issue.
The symposium aimed to examine the American reception of Pope Benedict XVI's first social encyclical, which was published in July 2009 to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Pope Paul VI's Populorum Progressio, perhaps the most contentious of modern social encyclicals on the question of international social and economic development.
It is the pontiff who decides under what circumstances an encyclical should be issued (7) "in order to shed the light of the Gospel on the social questions of his time.
Encyclical") reckons that "the first modern usage of the encyclical as now known was made by Benedict XIV on Dec.
This statement, now "The Winnipeg Statement," certainly does not honestly reflect the wisdom of the encyclical, and it has been misleading in terms of theology.
He was not pleased that, for example, the encyclical says more about wealth redistribution than wealth creation and spoke of its "clotted and muddled" language and "confused sentimentality.
The encyclical, published on the eve of the G8 meeting in Italy of world leaders, condemns the view that the economy should be shielded from moral influences, claiming such an approach has led to an "abuse" of the economic process in a "thoroughly destructive" way.
In an article on the encyclical he penned for National Review, Weigel threw around phrases such as "duck-billed platypus," "simply incomprehensible," "naive," "dumb," "clotted and muddled" and "warbling of an untuned piccolo" to describe the sections of the encyclical that he disliked.
Finally, on July 29th, 1968, Pope Paul issued an encyclical rejecting his commission's recommendation and upholding the ban.