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The most common target organs for ethanol-induced end organ damage are the liver and the pancreas.
Does hypertension in children cause end organ damage as it does in adults?
We believe that the future of ED treatment lies in compounds that act on the central nervous system and effectively modify the condition, rather than targeting end organ erectile function.
This recognition further validates our belief that VTP-27999 may offer a powerful approach to blood pressure control and, importantly, providing superior end organ protection.
By inhibiting renin directly, VTP-27999 should provide superior end organ protection versus currently available drug classes.
This is in sharp contrast to all currently marketed therapeutics that only target end organ erectile function and come with serious adverse reactions.
This is a departure from the current standard of care, PDE-5 inhibitors, which only target end organ erectile function.
Renin inhibitors are likely to provide greater end organ (heart, kidney, brain) protection than currently available antihypertensive agents, based upon recently published clinical biomarker data.
We believe that future growth in transplantation requires a significant expansion in the treatment options for end organ failure as the supply of human donor organs is severely limited and the use of animal organs for xenotransplantation is still fraught with many uncertainties.
The researchers found that for patients who have massive bleeding and receive many transfusion units, older blood was associated with dysfunction in blood flow, increased injury and inflammation in critical end organs, and lung infection.
Tip separation may require medical intervention to retrieve a separated segment or may occlude blood flow to end organs.