end product

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But with wood making up perhaps 40 percent of a recycler's material flow, by Griffing's estimation, considering the wood end products can be a good place to Start.
In addition, they can be used to make an equally varied amount of end products.
made commercial items if they are lower in cost, allow DOD access to state-of-the-art commercial technology, and reduce the incentive to move end product manufacturing facilities to a designated foreign country.
Even as the industry changes, debate on this topic has continued for years-should nonwoven end products be known as nonwoven end products or by the attributes that the average consumer understands and appreciates?
Responding to the demands of scrap tire processors and consumers has driven equipment manufacturers to devise new types of equipment that can convert scrap tires into end products with improved quality.
But from the late 1990s to now, we are usually grinding [to make] an end product.
However, the ultimate factor is often the specifications of the end product you wish to produce and the market demand in your area.
Component customization is an effective way to create a truly unique end product that outperforms your competition.
What they choose to do with the end product determines if they have a profitable recycling program or not.
The end product was a configurable and upgradeable platform for battlefield optronics with real-time performance, compact form factor and low power consumption.
WiQuest is the first company with a complete UWB chipset in production, the first to achieve end product FCC certification, the first to extend performance to 1 Gbps, the first with complete Windows drivers, and WiQuest has now received PHY registration in WiMedia's first approval event," said Dr.