end result

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And that end result is very impressive in terms of sharing.
It's the end result of something that has been constructive and built step by step.
If you take the steps necessary to make the process right, the end result will follow naturally.
Other anticipated end results from outsourcing projects include increased return on investment, better products and reduced costs, as well as improved customer service and share, and higher shareholder value.
The end result is that the Weyerhaeuser-Willamette combination is traveling a much rougher road than the Mead-Westvaco pairing.
The End Result has been offering the community referrals to reliable tradespeople with reasonable prices (no price gouging, no matter where you live), since 1979.
The End Result, a leading corporate development and training firm, today announced the availability of three new corporate training tools to help supervisors develop leadership skills to better manage the growing number of younger workers in corporate America.
The end result -- Martinez was able to make the repairs necessary to return to her home with her family.
Your end results will be no better than the people rendering those services.
First graph, second sentence of release dated March 15, 2012 should read: The call is being held to discuss 4th Quarter and Year End Results for 2011 (sted The call is being held to discuss 4th Quarter and Year End Results for 2012).
AmericanWest Bancorporation (NASDAQ:AWBC) announced today that it will hold its 2007 year end results conference call on Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 10:00 a.
OTCBB:NXTI) an emerging leader in the licensed sportswear industry today announced that it will release its 2006 year end results after the market close on Friday, February 2, 2007.