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The problem of endangered species is significant for many reasons.
The corruption goes much deeper than one disgraced bureaucrat," says Suckling, who hopes the national lawsuit will help "expose just how thoroughly the disdain for science and for wildlife pervades the Bush administration's endangered species program.
Such monitoring is important, Watts says, because the needs of society conflict increasingly with those of endangered species.
Marlee Lauffer, spokeswoman for The Newhall Land and Farming Company, the region's largest developer and occasional target of endangered species litigation, supports reform.
Twenty-nine others became extinct before they had been officially identified as candidates for endangered species listing, such as Florida's emerald seaslug, California's Breckenridge Mountain slender salamander, the Oregon giant earthworm, and West Virginia's Rich Mountain cave beetle.
Fish and Wildlife Service assuring the landowner that no added Endangered Species Act restrictions will be imposed on the landowner as a result of carrying out activities expected to benefit an endangered species.
The Preserve Jr Endangered Species collection will be available in natural food stores nationwide in January 2003.
in history from the University of Wisconsin and is coauthor of the volume The Endangered Species Act.
Discovering Endangered Species is an excellent supplement for environmental education curricula at the primary level.
An escalating conflict between the water rights of landowners and fish has begun spawning lawsuits that could redefine policy on endangered species protection.
The Endangered species Act ranked as one of the most popular laws ever when it was enacted in 1973.
Asked to explain, the genies pointed to a magic document, the Endangered Species Act, which told them to protect the shrimplets for all eternity, starting in September 1994.

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