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Endearments like love and pet are punishable offences.
One almost feels abashed for liking this work so much, for succumbing to endearments so visually primal, to a style so honed to its essence.
What words are spoken aren't as important as the fact that they are indeed spoken, for the simple endearments a couple speaks hold no less power than the words of the elaborate love poem that first painted their feelings.
The Joys of Yiddish'' was a fat lexicon of expressions - from alter kocker to zaftig - that had elbowed their way into ordinary English idioms, endearments, epithets and jokes.
The sense of sensual romance throughout - the moon addressed by double endearments - is fulfilled by the lovers' kiss at the end.
The tender endearments and intimate vocals make for pleasant but unremarkable listening.
Rena, 44, had told Cheryl in a note: "Too many women have fallen for Paul's enticing endearments only to be left broken-hearted.