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Place also announced the addition of John Niedermayer as Vice President, Strategic Services of Maverick Endeavors.
Endeavors Technology addresses the enterprise market in the U.
Volvo IT has been working closely with Endeavors Technology during the past months on school projects in Egypt.
Endeavors Technology gives service providers a fast, economical, and piracy-free approach to application distribution and streaming while providing an interactive connection to the end user that tracks usage statistics.
Endeavors Technology's founders and technical advisory board have an unrivaled history in developing Internet-based infrastructures.
Last month, Endeavors announced AppExpress had been certified for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003 Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter Editions.
It's only logical that we extend our relationship with Endeavors by leveraging the use of AppExpress across other Autodesk products with all the assurance and confidence of security, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Endeavors' extensive use of Microsoft technologies helped put Endeavors in a leading position with Autodesk's search for a new and more effective mechanism for streaming trialware to potential customers.
The AutoCAD 2004 streaming trial runs behind the scenes with a server system managed for Autodesk by Endeavors.
Magi Secure XIM brings to an end an era of closed proprietary IM platforms and uncontrolled instant messaging in the enterprise," said Kapi Attawar, VP marketing of Endeavors Technology.
Finally, Endeavors will showcase a suite of secure collaboration solutions from desktop file sharing to integrated document management and Web conferencing.
The combined Magi-WebEx solution extends the value of Web conferencing as a real world enterprise business tool," added Bernard Hulme, CEO of Endeavors Technology.