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It was 100 per cent in the former endemic counties.
Travelers from non-endemic areas to malaria endemic areas and countries are vulnerable to the disease and need to take reventative measures.
However, even in countries where malaria is endemic, the risk of transmission can be reduced by avoiding bodies of water and staying in mountainous regions.
In addition, there are over 5,700 species of flowering plants, with over 400 species endemic in the country.
These include four endemic mammals (brown deer and flying fox), 12 species of birds (cockatoo and eagle-owl), 13 endemic frog species, 17 species of amphibians and 30 species of reptiles.
The island group also has a rich fauna, including several endemic species of birds, such as the Socotra starling (Onychognathus frater), the Socotra sunbird (Nectarinia balfouri), Socotra bunting (Emberiza socotrana), Socotra cisticola (Cisticola haesitatus), Socotra sparrow (Passer insularis), Socotra golden-winged grosbeak (Rhynchostruthus socotranus), and a species in a monotypic genus, the Socotra warbler (Incana incana).
Coccidioidomycosis, or Valley Fever, is a systemic disease caused by the fungus Coccidioides, which is endemic to the southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central and South America (2).
In the United States, H capsulatum is endemic to the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys (1,2,5,8) but is not known to be endemic to the Rocky Mountain region (8).
On the occasion of Endemic Bird Day ( May 9), close to 50 bird enthusiasts fanned out across Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon to spot these indigenous beauties in a first- of- its- kind exercise in the region.
But a number of other occult manifestations like asthmatic bronchitis, pulmonary eosinophilia, recurrent URI, pneumonia, pain in abdomen and mono-arthritis of filarial origin in filarial endemic areas remain undiagnosed because of lack of suitable diagnostic tool (1).
Prior to our study it was only Taylor (1921) who published a paper focusing on patterns of plant endemism on the Bahamian islands, he recognized 132 endemic species of flowering plants.
However, research on the relationship between the movement of human populations and dengue transmission in endemic countries remains limited.