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A signature on a Commercial Paper or document.

An endorsement on a negotiable instrument, such as a check or a promissory note, has the effect of transferring all the rights represented by the instrument to another individual. The ordinary manner in which an individual endorses a check is by placing his or her signature on the back of it, but it is valid even if the signature is placed somewhere else, such as on a separate paper, known as an allonge, which provides a space for a signature.

The term endorsement is also spelled indorsement. For examples of different types of endorsements, see indorsement.

endorsement (indorsement)

n. 1) the act of the owner or payee signing his/her name to the back of a check, bill of exchange, or other negotiable instrument so as to make it payable to another or cashable by any person. An endorsement may be made after a specific direction ("pay to Dolly Madison" or "for deposit only"), called a qualified endorsement, or with no qualifying language, thereby making it payable to the holder, called a blank endorsement. There are also other forms of endorsement which may give credit or restrict the use of the check. 2) the act of pledging or committing support to a program, proposal, or candidate. (See: negotiable instrument)


(Backing), noun advertisement, approval, assistance, assurance, attestation, commendation, encouragement, imprimatur, license, patronage, recommendation, sanction, signature, stamp of approval, support, testimonial, testimony, vouch, word
Associated concepts: political endorsement


(Signature), noun acceptance, approval, authorization, autograph, confirmation, execution, go-ahead, passage, permission, sanction, seal, signet, signing, sponsorship, stamp of approval, support, underwriting, warrant
Associated concepts: endorsement to an insurance policy
See also: acceptance, accommodation, acknowledgment, advocacy, affirmance, affirmation, aid, approval, assent, attestation, avowal, backing, certificate, certification, charter, confirmation, consent, corroboration, favor, guaranty, help, jurat, leave, license, permission, ratification, recommendation, reference, rider, sanction, stamp, subscription, support, vow


2 the marking of the details of a conviction on a driving licence. It is now the penalty points rather than the endorsements themselves that are of importance. See TOTTING UP.

ENDORSEMENT. Vide Indorsement.

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Roozen and Claeys, 2010) Endorsements by celebrities may supply information crosscuts that can indicate the relevance of a candidate to electors at little or no expense (a celebrity endorsement may enhance overall elector involvement).
This documentation allows IMA's review committee to determine whether the courses offered at the school meet the standards set in place to award the endorsement.
In the box showing your endorsements for that skill, un-check the boxes next to a specific user's endorsements.
Furthermore, of those presidents who have run for re-election, newspaper endorsements fall further for Democrats.
In a race for judge, which readers are likely to have little information, the endorsement will move tens of thousands of votes," Dold said.
Additional Insured--Controlling Interest (BP 04 06)--This endorsement adds a person or organization as an additional insured for liability arising out of its financial control of the named insured for ownership, maintenance, or control of the premises.
3) Loss or Damage caused by the willful action of any striking or locked-out worker in the course of a Strike and during a resistance to a Lock-out would also be deemed covered within the ambit of the Fire Insurance Policy by virtue of this Endorsement.
Nevertheless, we abstain from the mechanism behind the endorsement effects: independently of whether they are informative signals of a candidate's type, or extra publicity for a candidate, we consider them chiefly as vertical differentiation.
This MCS-90 endorsement is designed to protect the motoring public by guaranteeing a minimum level of compensation for injured claimants (currently $750,000).
Disclosure is required where the advertiser provides something of value in exchange for a review, endorsement, or product mention, and advertisers -- potentially -- may be held responsible for an endorser's claims and statements.
Ted Cruz has won the endorsement of Iowa congressman Steve King, an influential conservative in the first-in-the-country presidential caucus state.