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A signature on a Commercial Paper or document.

An endorsement on a negotiable instrument, such as a check or a promissory note, has the effect of transferring all the rights represented by the instrument to another individual. The ordinary manner in which an individual endorses a check is by placing his or her signature on the back of it, but it is valid even if the signature is placed somewhere else, such as on a separate paper, known as an allonge, which provides a space for a signature.

The term endorsement is also spelled indorsement. For examples of different types of endorsements, see indorsement.

endorsement (indorsement)

n. 1) the act of the owner or payee signing his/her name to the back of a check, bill of exchange, or other negotiable instrument so as to make it payable to another or cashable by any person. An endorsement may be made after a specific direction ("pay to Dolly Madison" or "for deposit only"), called a qualified endorsement, or with no qualifying language, thereby making it payable to the holder, called a blank endorsement. There are also other forms of endorsement which may give credit or restrict the use of the check. 2) the act of pledging or committing support to a program, proposal, or candidate. (See: negotiable instrument)


(Backing), noun advertisement, approval, assistance, assurance, attestation, commendation, encouragement, imprimatur, license, patronage, recommendation, sanction, signature, stamp of approval, support, testimonial, testimony, vouch, word
Associated concepts: political endorsement


(Signature), noun acceptance, approval, authorization, autograph, confirmation, execution, go-ahead, passage, permission, sanction, seal, signet, signing, sponsorship, stamp of approval, support, underwriting, warrant
Associated concepts: endorsement to an insurance policy
See also: acceptance, accommodation, acknowledgment, advocacy, affirmance, affirmation, aid, approval, assent, attestation, avowal, backing, certificate, certification, charter, confirmation, consent, corroboration, favor, guaranty, help, jurat, leave, license, permission, ratification, recommendation, reference, rider, sanction, stamp, subscription, support, vow


2 the marking of the details of a conviction on a driving licence. It is now the penalty points rather than the endorsements themselves that are of importance. See TOTTING UP.

ENDORSEMENT. Vide Indorsement.

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