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To sign a paper or document, thereby making it possible for the rights represented therein to pass to another individual. Also spelled indorse.

endorse (indorse)

v. 1) to sign one's name to the back of a check, bill of exchange or other negotiable instrument with the intention of making it cashable or transferable. 2) to pledge support to a program, proposal, or candidate. (See; endorsement)


verb approve, attest, authenticate, back, certify, commend, confirm, ratify, sanction, second, support, validate
See also: abet, accept, accredit, acknowledge, adduce, advocate, affirm, agree, allow, approve, assent, assist, assure, attest, authorize, avouch, bear, bond, brand, certify, close, coincide, concede, concur, confirm, consent, constitute, corroborate, cosign, countenance, countersign, declare, embrace, encourage, ensure, espouse, establish, favor, guarantee, justify, let, mark, pass, permit, qualify, recommend, sanction, seal, side, sign, sponsor, subscribe, support, sustain, underwrite, uphold, validate, vouch, witness
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Our role is endorsing good Republicans in primaries and trying to give them a boost," says Marks.
Thank you for having the courage to forgo your usual right-wing rhetoric and stand up for the best interests of our state in endorsing Proposition 62, and the best interests of our nation in endorsing John Kerry.
Once the program committee had generated a consensual draft, we met with the constitution committee, made up of representatives of five of the major endorsing union bodies, to receive their suggestions and concerns.
Following an in-depth review, IBAT is endorsing Discover Debit because it represents the best value for our member institutions.
Officials of the state GOP had previously shied away from endorsing in the recall race, saying the party doesn't pick among Republicans in an election.
And the way we become an identifiable entity as a party is by running and endorsing candidates.
Companies endorsing the CERES Principles back up their pledges with concrete information, publicly reported in the CERES Report.
According to the survey, all races and ethnicities support the bid, with African-American and Hispanic residents slightly more endorsing (African-Americans 91 percent, Hispanics 94 percent, and Whites 80 percent).
2357), legislation that would have altered the federal tax law barring houses of worship from endorsing candidates for public office.
But Santa Clarita Democrats and members of the gay community said the union betrayed them by endorsing Weste and Grannis, who have touted their allegiance to the Republican Party during the nonpartisan campaign.
Since 1954, the Internal Revenue Code has explicitly barred all non-profit organizations, including houses of worship, from endorsing or opposing candidates for public office.