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Mice with an increased glucocorticoid receptor gene dosage show enhanced resistance to stress and endotoxic shock.
Irish women deserve better than infection, hemorrhaging, endotoxic shock, perforations, and death - not to mention empty wombs and empty hearts.
Cases include ectopic pregnancy, septic abortion, hypertensive emergencies, cardiac failure, acute asthma attack, fetal distress, jaundice, obstructed labor, postpartum collapse, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian torsion, endotoxic shock, acute urinary retention, sexual assault, abnormal uterine bleeding, emergency contraception, gynecologic oncology emergencies, postexposure prophylaxis to HIV and hepatitis B, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, diabetic ketoacidosis, and medicolegal and ethical issues.
Ergot alkaloids may lead to poor feathering and lesions forming on chickens, fescue foot in ruminants and shrunken udders in sows while endotoxins are responsible for endotoxic shock and death.
In addition to the product and service offerings within Arthritis, MD Biosciences also offers products and services within other therapeutic areas such as Multiple sclerosis, Respiratory, IBD, Type I Diabetes, Endotoxic shock, Contact Dermatitis, Inflammatory and Arthritic Pain, Gliosis, and Parkinson's Disease.