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Therefore, it can be concluded that one of the reasons for the boom of endowment was supporting local rulers and great kings of endowers and endowment tradition and perhaps one of the reasons of slack of endowment tradition in the present era was neglecting this issue by the authorities.
Attending the ceremony, which included about 300 endowers, were a number of officials and scholars in addition to those concerned with the endowment.
Da Virtude o heroismo He de certa a caridade O bemfeitor que le dota Tern no peito esta verdade Or From the virtue of heroism It is certain comes charity The benefactor who endowers me Carries with him this truth.
May be, the endowers of the prize are already beginning to achieve what they had set out to do only two years ago.
In fact, the second half of the chapter presents Normans as founders, patrons, and endowers of monasteries.