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and ends "But that great instinct which foretels the cold, / And bids to guard 'gainst winter's wasteful power, / Endues this mite with cheerfulness to hold / Its toiling labours through the sultry hour: / So that same soothing power, in misery, / Cheers the poor Pilgrim to Eternity " John Clare, Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery, 2nd ed.
This measure increases freight endues efficiency in trucks to reflect the SmartWay program of the U.
Such segregation of cultural and creative products and services endues the cause for cultural and creative industries separation and these issues are discussed in the following sections.
Measuring the fair value of financial instruments within a portfolio: Although financial institutions and similar endues that hold financial assets and financial liabilities often manage a group of instruments based on die entity's net exposure to a particular market risk s e.
Furthermore, mercaptide organotin endues plasticized PVC with better performance of initial color than organic calcium complex.
These stories range from fiction to autobiography, and Bruchac endues each with lively wit and wisdom.
As these two endues begin to interact with each other, the bridge position of the buyer is gradually eroded.