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He writhed and wriggled under the infliction, but, fully convinced of my skill, endured the pain like a martyr.
He had wanted to revenge himself for the pain and the humiliation he had endured.
Once he used to wander over unmeasured tracts of land and sea at the bidding of King Eurystheus, and himself did many deeds of violence and endured many; but now he lives happily in the glorious home of snowy Olympus, and has neat-ankled Hebe for his wife.
They are not meant to be spoken--only felt and endured.
But though this complacence to one whom the captain thoroughly despised, was not so uneasy to him as it would have been had any hopes of preferment made it necessary to show the same submission to a Hoadley, or to some other of great reputation in the science, yet even this cost him too much to be endured without some motive.
Anna, on whom the position depended, and for whom it was more miserable than for anyone, endured it because she not merely hoped, but firmly believed, that it would all very soon be settled and come right.
At length lassitude succeeded to the tumult I had before endured, and I threw myself on the bed in my clothes, endeavouring to seek a few moments of forgetfulness.
A grievous insult to those who endured the indignities of the real days-long battle.
Dozens of die-hard air show buffs endured 104-degree heat Thursday to camp on Van Nuys Airport's perimeter for first glimpses of military and vintage aircraft flying in for the annual expo to be held Saturday and Sunday.
And a formal state visit by the leader of a major European power was a heady antidote to the many humiliations that the Palestinian leaders and legislators have endured at Israel's hands since the inception of their autonomy.
It almost makes you wonder if the man hasn't endured enough,'' said Jim Ball, an employee of a Greenville radio station and a Jackson buff.