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Taylor's thirst for history and understanding comes out in the book, though at times she struggles to tell the story of a community that endured strife, riots, Ohio's Black Laws aim a lack of recognition as citizens.
Mostly the contributors are men, but a few of the brave women who endured life in the far north in primative conditions are represented too.
And, of course, Jesus' death is the ultimate example of God's upside-down world: the one who endured the death of a slave would rise triumphantly on the third day.
With the added significance this year, and the salute to those who endured the terror of September 11, I am sure that the spirit of all Americans will be lifted by this heartwarming and patriotic performance.
From a serious health scare to an all-expenses paid trip to Florida so the PGA can honor his generous, gentle spirit, Chesnutt has endured a year of highs and lows, all with that characteristic gleam in his eye.
Roiphe writes in lyrical terms from the emotional heart of marriage, drawing from the miserable marriage of her parents, her own unhappy first marriage, and then her present happy one, which has endured for 34 years.
That is, if people such as Andrew Sullivan would stop trivializing the traumatic workplace experiences that many lesbians and gay men have endured.
Heart attacks show an unfortunate affinity for people who have endured major depression (with symptoms of extreme sorrow, apathy, and hopelessness) or recurring periods of intense sadness, contend epidemiologist William W.
As prisoners of war they experienced some of the worst torture and brutality endured in conflict, coming home with broken bodies that never really healed.
Deriving inspiration from people I know who have endured great suffering with a positive attitude and their faith intact.
On the surface, it would seem that having come from a comfortable white middle-class suburb, I'd have little affinity or understanding for the terrible tribulations the family endured.
The well-deserved award went to the Charlotte County SRO unit due to their heroic acts as they endured helping school children victims during the destructive hurricanes.