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The need for infinite justice will remain long after Enduring Freedom is won.
military who have received a Rating Decision memo of 20% disability or higher from the Veterans Administration as a result of being wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People balances political, social and cultural history in a clear, chronological framework.
Given the Game Boy's enduring popularity, a lot of new games have been flowing from developers, including some of the following worthy recent additions to the huge library of titles already out there:
This lucid and informed examination of how to succeed in RFID should be required reading for all seeking to maximize their contribution to this exciting sector and create enduring profitable growth, from manufacturers to consultants and investors.
Syrus Global's mission is to help organizations create healthy workplace cultures which in turn create enduring enterprises," said Alice Peterson, president, Syrus Global.
The legacy of Shoeless Joe Jackson, banished from the game many believe he played as well as anyone and denied a place in Cooperstown, is now enduring another unsavory assault.
But after enduring a series of tests, the Haukes were told Joshua didn't qualify because his last surgery in January had left the tumor undetectable.
The Stable Outlook for the insurance broker industry reflects Fitch's view that the larger insurance brokers in Fitch's universe possess several key factors that support investment grade ratings, including enduring operating franchises, reasonable balance sheet financial leverage, and adequate cash flow and interest coverage to support debt servicing requirements.
That expertise, coupled with his strong managerial leadership, will be particularly valuable as we piece together the Enduring Value companies, technologies and people, added Jack Rapport, CFO of Zanett, and Director of Project Enduring Value.
Amadeus" is not a musical, but it contains some of Mozart's enduring work.