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Regular supply of energizing and refreshing drinks for hospital staff.
R] Energizing Citrus Body Wash ($35) provides a naturally luxurious, gentle cleansing and leaves skin hydrated while looking and feeling soft and healthy.
Energizing Body Oil satisfies a variety of daily needs and delivers serious perks for all skin types.
Energizing this direction in the home helps us to maintain clarity and discrimination, as well as to fully express our true potential.
New Q10 Energizing Cream from Pharma Nord offers a totally unique skin care formulation, because it combines natural extracts of Co-enzyme Q10, Gingo Biloba and Vitamin E - all well known antioxidants which act to reduce the harmful effects of free radi cals.
Energizing people in my group about a concept that is important to the group
More recently, Robertson met in March with House Speaker Newt Gingrich to demand more partisan action from GOP leaders in Congress as a means of energizing the Republican Party base in November.
The first step to energizing a restructured work force may be as simple as changing the metaphors you use to describe organizational culture from those of a clock or an engine to models of living systems - an orchestra, a baseball team or a reef.
Each layer has been modified to form many mirrored surfaces and an energizing region lying between them.
This pose is an invigorating and energizing pose that strongly strengthens the lower body, massages the endoctrine and abdominal organs and boosts metabolism.
A cool shower is very energizing, a warm bath (set at body temperature) relaxes, and a hot bath will help you snooze at night.
Take the streets of Universal Studios; add a pinch of Sportime USA; a scoop of frozen Central Park pond; stack it next to a graphically energizing Olympic Stadium rink which is overlooked by a fantasy carousel, a tot-sized helicopter ride and a round of virtual reality for all ages surrounding a centerpiece rocket to the highest point in the area; place it next door to an IMAX and a swarm of multiplexes; provide cheap family eats and a fitness center; plop in a hotel and small office tower; and then provide separate parking for its jumbo grocery store.