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He said terrorists could not enfeeble the resolve of the government, armed forces and the nation to rid the country of the menace of terrorism as Pakistan could never make sound economic development without ending terrorism and establishing peace in the country.
The Serbian President explained that EU membership is a choice of strategic importance for his country, which would nevertheless not enfeeble its traditional very strong ties with Russia.
Some parties are preying on Bahrain's stability, seeking to sow chaos and enfeeble the country to be at the mercy of others," he said, urging people to unite so as to foil plots and defeat agendas.
This interference is even stretching profoundly to reach Saudi Arabian territories in a neatly-planned way just for the sake of triggering problems and conflicts and enfeeble the Arabs," Osama al-Nejefi, the secretary general of the National Iraqyoon Grouping, said in a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Lord Salisbury, who dismissed it as a paper run by office boys for office boys, said Northcliffe had done more than any man of his generation to pervert and enfeeble the minds of the masses.
And if in so doing, do we ultimately enfeeble the true lesson by scrubbing the horrific details from the story?