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The decline of serious commitment is also, of course, an enfeeblement of identity because the individualist of past times found his reality in his identification with family, disinterested pursuits, and the nation to which he belonged.
When Time magazine, reflecting on the changes during Elizabeth's reign, noted that: "It has witnessed enfeeblement and decline.
Newman's vision of the NHS was one of enfeeblement.
The enfeeblement of my physical powers was such that the doctors, despairing of saving me, said, "The mischief is in the heart, and has communicated itself to the whole organism; there is no hope unless the cause of his grievous sadness be arrested.
that finding hardly casts doubt on the proposition that the ability to receive any payment whatsoever influences the decision of a Justice to step down before death or enfeeblement.
Primary signs of salinity are delaying in germination, plantlet appearance and bud enfeeblement.
He never investigates whether the Malcolm of fact or the Malcolm of legend may have had anything to do with the regrettable diminution and enfeeblement of the black left.
If it comes to enfeeblement or loss of operational and precautional liquidity in the non-profit organization, it menaces with [Scherr 1989, Washam 1989, Beck 1993]:
Whereas Buckley lamented his creed's gathering enfeeblement with every fiber of his alleged soul, in Lake Views: This World and the Universe (Belknap Harvard, 2009), Nobel Prize winning physicist Steven Weinberg celebrates the decay of Abrahamic faith with both personal relish and professional pride.
Additionally, there is the risk that the current enfeeblement of Egyptian party politics might result in a parliament crippled by being composed of numerous small parties all lacking a mandate to govern by themselves.
While Bourgogne openly grieves the death of the young, he is also devastated by the suffering and enfeeblement of the older soldiers in Napoleon's ravaged army.
He points out, however, that when there is pathological enfeeblement of ego defenses or pathological enforcement of unconscious excitation, "forbidden" unconscious impulses and potential motor expression may coexist.