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But come, so well refresh't, now let us play, As meet is, after such delicious Fare; For never did thy Beautie since the day I saw thee first and wedded thee, adorn'd With all perfections, so enflame my sense With ardor to enjoy thee, fairer now Then ever, bountie of this vertuous Tree.
Athos went towards the house; but he had hardly reached the parterre, when the entrance gate appeared in a blaze; all the flambeaux stopped and appeared to enflame the road.
In his Principle or Compendious Method of Arriving at True Theology of 1518 Erasmus writes: "The preeminent goal of theologians is to recount the Holy Scripture wisely, to render the meaning of faith, not of frivolous question, to discourse about piety gravely and efficaciously, to provoke tears, to enflame spirits toward heavenly matters" (Holborn, Ausgewahlte Werke, 193).