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Other works, depicting such things as a fingerless glove, a cocktail, a deserted corridor, all carried the signature effect of Spence's finely tuned technique--one that is more hypo-than hyperrealistic in the way that it enfolds and occludes the work's pictorial content.
Strata Enfold 3D CX is a multi-featured plug-in for Illustrator that adds a 3D view palette, two new tools and a host of menu commands focused on folding print designs.
P enfold was also cleared of Newgate's claims of ``fraudulent breach of duty''.
Her narration, coupled with the prose, take listeners completely into the world of the cats and enfold them into the cats' reality.
Veteran dancers Stuart Hodes and Alice Teirstein seemed a long-married couple in a duet from Zvi Gotheiner's Enfold.
Peter's, seemed at once to enfold us and shrink us to size.
Beyond the seventh was so wide disclosed That Iris, to enfold it, were too small, Her rainbow a full circle being supposed.
The orally, communally generated mythologies enfold the physical world and the spiritual world.
HOUSTON -- Enfold Systems LLC, the world's premier Plone(R) Content Management System (CMS) provider, launched a website for Oxfam America powered by Plone(R).
If you have a warm home to live in Maybe only two up and two down Two loving arms That enfold you and whispering words To pick you up when your down The patter of little feet Running to meet you When they see you From work coming home Eyes shining with love and laughter Calling to mum that your home And if in the evening You're together, playing gamesAnd having some fun Then the largest lottery win In all the world Won't measure up To the wealth you have won
BTN's approach, however, aims to enfold the latest technical gadgetry into recording the play or musical in high-definition TV, with surround sound and robotic cameras strung among the audience.