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Carboni (1995) defines Rogerian nursing practice as "the nurse and client knowingly participating in evolutionary patterning of the human and environmental fields for the purpose of enfolding health-as-wholeness-and-harmony" (p.
The statue is about enfolding is God's love just as much as anyone else.
The stakes of Svyazinvest and agovernmentfriendly' shareholders in the RTOs are likely sufficiently large to approve the RTO's enfolding into Rostelecom (75% of shareholders present at an AGM are required to adopt a reorganisation).
Proving himself adept at finding the cloud enfolding any silver lining, Ashkin skirts the edge of self-parody, but his single-mindedness pays off as the web of detail in each scene parallels the operation of memory itself.
A sinuous concrete block wall swells and billows to mimic the double curve of the street, enfolding the domestic compound in a protective embrace.
The burnished classicism is poised yet hot-headed, with Fishwick's trumpet crisply peppering swiftly and Roberts enfolding all with his warm tenor tone.
Floor to ceiling and wall to wall, the room was filled with grids of phosphor green LEDs, a pulsating web that enacted the amplitude and regularity--the sinister, sci-fi totality and oddly maternal sense of enfolding volu me--implied by the word matrix.
Its repertoire concentrates on the softer, seductive moment, highlighting the gentle, enfolding brush of Scott's warm soloing sound.
Occasionally, Kucera's selves fade in and out, or into one another, or jerk/skip as if they've hit a glitch--effects, be they deliberate or happily accidental, that slyly implicate imaging and its means in the formulation of identity and leave you considering the merging and splitting, unfolding and enfolding, as well as doubting and delusion, involved in grappling with the self.
Tim has a rich, enfolding tone, while Giovanni is a constantly darting presence.
We recall that the slip in Yandex's search market share in October (from 63% in 3Q11 to 61% in October) was linked to the enfolding of Google search into the Chrome browser (Chrome held an 18.
Written in part to explain why adults need to be gone to work, while a child is cared for at home, "Love Waves" conveys the concept of deep enfolding love and care over space and time.