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Perhaps the work's value resides precisely in its potential to enfold the image in the traumatic atmosphere of its initial registration.
Mr Veness said the worst fear, recalling the spectre of Omagh, was a "large vehicle bomb in a city centre with all the butchery that enfolds such an attack".
His lucid, frequently impassioned book enfolds horror stories about K Street malfeasance and business power in an impressive larger structure.
sings, "I've been mistreated," he enfolds his audience by adding, "and people, you know what I'm talkin' about.
In a word, as it were, "addiction" enfolds and encloses his themes of art and violence under one complex rubric.
NNA - The Lebanese Forces Head, Samir Geagea's press office issued on Thursday the following statement: "The attack against the town of Mloula in Syria, with all the spiritual Christian and cultural heritage and unique historical value it enfolds, call for neutralizing this place from the conflict, especially when the battle is between an unjust regime and extremist organizations that refuse diversity, and that deviate from the essence of the Syrian revolution and the decisions and declarations of the coalition Council, to rather serve the enemies of the revolution," the statement said.
Then she blows a most unusual bubble--one that enfolds her completely and floats her off to high adventure where she encounters a beautiful and friendly butterfly named Tiger, an island filled with sympathetic and unusual birds, generous sea creatures willing to help out, badly needed guidance from an elegant albeit mysterious fairy, and trouble from an enormous, misshapen beetle.
The black slate recalls the black of the industrious skiffs rather than the more florid hues of the fishing fleets, establishing a minimal, duotone palette of white plaster, black slate and grey zinc that enfolds the angular undulations of the new roof.
In essays on Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, Snyder views the way in which the Althusserian notion of ideology (subversive prophecies and family feuds respectively) enfolds characters in behavior that restricts free will and independent agency.
The exhibition offers a reading of that earlier American culture through its landscape painting under a title that enfolds multiple meanings open to endless debate.
He continued: 'The most worrying form of attack and it brings back the spectre of Omagh is a large vehicle bomb in a city centre with all the butchery that enfolds such an attack.
Physically, this production is a virtual clone of the Broadway version: the same metallic set design (graced by a monstrous assemblage of shopping carts, hubcaps and other post-industrial flotsam); the same funky Downtown Manhattan attitude; and the same dramatic chiaroscuro lighting, piercing the gloom that enfolds Larson's defiant community of street people, starving artists, junkies and drag queens.