enforce obedience

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As any mafia don knows, the threat or use of violence can be an effective way to enforce obedience.
Leung has told the public the new courses are meant to promote understanding of the mainland, not enforce obedience.
the authors strive to persuade instead of mandate: they employ classical forms of rhetoric, they never invoke coercion to enforce obedience to the Constitutions, they readily allow exemptions from its rules when circumstances require, and they appeal to their own experience to explain the rules.
The idea is to handle the dog close but oil wind so he can't catch scent, is unaware and startled when the bird is launched and freezes, leaving the handler in position Co enforce obedience,
Like its Medieval predecessor, this new church, The Church of Zionist Rectitude, uses torture, murder, intimidation and blackmail to enforce obedience to its verities.
From an examination of Benevenuto Cellini's conviction and pardon for sodomy in 1557, Margaret Gallucci concludes that Cosimo used sodomy legislation to enforce obedience but also as an opportunity to appear compassionate by granting clemency.
7) In consequence, the Council made the Decalogue the standard for its decision and assumed an authority to enforce obedience to it.
Having made up their minds to stay locked in denial, D&P felt free to accuse Campaign Life Coalition and the Interim of propagating falsehoods; the reaction of the CCCB's General Secretary has been described already; and the CWL leaders appeared determined to put the local members in their place and enforce obedience.
Petitioner's objection is that the suit is, in effect, one against the state of Minnesota, and that the injunction issued against the attorney general illegally prohibits state action, either criminal or civil, to enforce obedience to the statutes of the state.