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However, Beer said that an agreement between the courts would improve the understanding and enforceability of rulings.
The enactment of the Netting Law will create legal certainty in the DIFC as to the enforceability of close-out netting in the case of insolvency.
The constructive move determines the research direction regarding the sources that need to be examined and compared concerning the threefold question of how member states should respond, do respond, and say they respond to the need of enforceability of the right to food.
This would mean a decision might have to be made on the enforceability of the reference to the laws of Wales, yet the contract would still be valid if it wasn't.
Prior to the passage of the E-Sign law, there were variances in many state laws on the use and enforceability of electronic transactions.
This Statement also specifies the accounting and financial reporting requirements if new enabling legislation replaces existing enabling legislation or if legal enforceability is reevaluated.
Each state chapter contains information on state statutes governing enforceability, employers' protectable interests, proof of existence of a covenant, courts' power to modify the covenant, obtaining a preliminary injunction, establishing irreparable harm, and much more.
upheld the enforceability of an employee's agreement to waive her right to a jury trial and submit any disputes with her employer to binding arbitration.
Based on the fundamentals of contract law, the key to the enforceability of both shrink wrap and click wrap license agreements would be the timing of the formation of the contract between the parties -- as it is this timing that determines whether or not the terms of the licence agreement are binding on the parties.
The importance of improving the legal regime underpinning financial markets has been recognized by the finance ministers of the Group of Seven countries who, in 1997, agreed "to introduce, where necessary and appropriate, legislative measures to ensure the enforceability of sound netting agreements in relation to insolvency and bankruptcy rules to reduce systemic risk in international transactions.
Judge Gibson will now consider the enforceability of this patent and is expected to make a final ruling on this issue during the month of April 1993.
The group executives must be not only familiar with the statutes in the state in which the group is located, but also aware of cases that have been decided in the state in order to determine specific guidelines concerning the enforceability of a covenant.