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This trend highlighted by the WGEID sounds all too familiar in Pakistan's context, especially when considering recent reports of enforced disappearance in the country.
Alarmed by reports it has received on enforced disappearances, particularly of activists in southwestern province of Balochistan, Amnesty International called Islamabad to carry out independent and effective investigations to determine the fate of all missing people.
Mekawy is the wife of a well-known victim of enforced disappearance, Al-Dostor party member and school owner Ashraf Shehata, who has been missing since 13 January 2014.
The Truth and Dignity Commission has prepared a report on enforced disappearances at the request of the Ministry of Relations with Constitutional Authorities, noted IVD member Oula Ben Nejma.
The prohibition of enforced disappearance is absolute, the secretary-general declared in a message marking the fourth International Day of Enforced Disappearances.
BEIRUT: "It is vital to draw more attention to the issue of enforced disappearances as it still remains severely underreported, particularly in certain regions of the world," said Jeremy Sarkin, chairperson of the United Nations Working Group on enforced or involuntary disappearances.
The 45-article convention does not mention specific names involved in enforced disappearance, but explicitly says enforced disappearance ''constitutes a crime and, in certain circumstances defined in international law, a crime against humanity.
But if the rules are created and enforced "with the consent of the governed," people are more willing to take ownership of them.
Bush explained much later, in last January's State of the Union address: "[C]ombat forces of the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Poland and other countries enforced the demands of the United Nations.
That is, the next court may not be so charitable where the owner has not carefully enforced its rights, and the owner might lose its remedy.
The exemption applies to taxes that were not imposed and enforced prior to Oct.
Many saw the use of the term enforced pregnancy--even if it was the result of rape--as an attempt to undermine any federal legislation limiting abortion on demand.