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Under an OEM arrangement, Compliance Enforcer product will be integrated with Xbridge's IBM 390 Database access API to provide DLP capabilities for mission-critical data stored in legacy databases.
With Enforcer, we have demonstrated that one solution can serve national security interests and ensure economic survival at the national level and in the private sector equally well.
Trend Micro(tm) Network VirusWall Enforcer is designed to control access to the corporate network to ensure that all devices--managed or unmanaged, local or remote--comply with corporate security policies before they connect.
When using the Enforcer on an inward-opening door, always stand on the hinge side and strike the lock side.
Soapy Danger and Kevin Darley (centre) win from Mountain High (right) and Enforcer (left) in a thrilling climax to the Princess of Wales's Stakes EDWARD WHITAKER
Muir is looking for Enforcer to continue his progress.
One enforcer said: "We all know that Martin's been sacked but nobody knows why.
Mo Mowlam never got to grips with the enforcer job and her staff say she has now completely lost interest.
Additional benefits of the new Catbird Compliance Enforcer include:
Helping to make sure that the activities done have no segregation of duty (SoD) conflicts or key access concerns, Security Weaver Separations Enforcer 3.
In addition to the direct to employer channel, Enforcer eCoaching provides its services through health systems and healthcare plans, providing wellness and prevention capabilities across the health services value chain.
Lockdown Enforcer addresses this issue by providing a simple and effective way for security events to drive NAC-based policy actions.