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The act of making free (as from Slavery); giving a franchise or freedom to; investiture with privileges or capacities of freedom, or municipal or political liberty. Conferring the privilege of voting upon classes of persons who have not previously possessed such.

See: charter, copyright, emancipation, franchise, freedom, home rule, liberation, liberty, license, privilege, sanction


1 the granting of the right to vote.
2 the granting of voting rights to the holders of non-voting shares.
3 in England and Wales the power to leaseholders to acquire a 90-year lease extension of their lease or buy the freehold collectively with other lessees in their building. There is also the right to buy the freehold in a house which is subject to a lease. There are detailed procedures and there is a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to resolve any disputes as to the price that ought to be paid.
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Because enfranchisement was primarily an economic decision for applicants, the case files it generated contain considerable information about work lives, general economic circumstances, and sometimes future plans.
These explorations of past and present colonizing within the context of the Indian Act and its predecessors broadened to include far more than just the enfranchisement scheme and the modern-day fee simple proposals.
At the end of the day, for most groups that choose to go down the enfranchisement route, the process is an unqualified success, with many real and perceived benefits.
A majority of Palestinians live under Israeli military occupation and are denied citizenship, enfranchisement, independence and self-determination.
I think it would be unconscionable, in the face of the first time the Arab League and the Gulf states are turning to the world for help in order to move toward greater enfranchisement of their people, for the United States to move away," said the senator, who is on a trip to Egypt.
The enfranchisement of NRIs is expected to make huge difference in states like Kerala where more than 10 percent of it's adult population live abroad.
Concerning the fight for emancipation, middle class women supported a conditional enfranchisement based on education privilege, while working class and socialist feminists demanded universal suffrage.
The Mubarak regime so far is ignoring the demand for expat enfranchisement.
The Paris repatriation issue prompted sociologist Mihail Mirchev of the ASSA-M Agency to say, in an article written for mass-circulation daily Trud, that enfranchisement should be allowed only if a would-be voter had a minimum of eighth-grade education.
In the old days they used to call this enfranchisement.