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The vital difference between the game played with living men and that in which inanimate pieces are used, lies in the fact that while in the latter the mere placing of a piece upon a square occupied by an opponent piece terminates the move, in the former the two pieces thus brought together engage in a duel for possession of the square.
To travel and make explorations or to start trade, and professors do not usually engage in trade," and he bowed to Professor Bumper.
And finally, as it is not enough, before commencing to rebuild the house in which we live, that it be pulled down, and materials and builders provided, or that we engage in the work ourselves, according to a plan which we have beforehand carefully drawn out, but as it is likewise necessary that we be furnished with some other house in which we may live commodiously during the operations, so that I might not remain irresolute in my actions, while my reason compelled me to suspend my judgement, and that I might not be prevented from living thenceforward in the greatest possible felicity, I formed a provisory code of morals, composed of three or four maxims, with which I am desirous to make you acquainted.
That is my own opinion," replied the traveller; "but one thing among many others seems to me very wrong in knights-errant, and that is that when they find themselves about to engage in some mighty and perilous adventure in which there is manifest danger of losing their lives, they never at the moment of engaging in it think of commending themselves to God, as is the duty of every good Christian in like peril; instead of which they commend themselves to their ladies with as much devotion as if these were their gods, a thing which seems to me to savour somewhat of heathenism.
These and a variety of other motives, which affect only the mind of the sovereign, often lead him to engage in wars not sanctified by justice or the voice and interests of his people.
for we say, such a one is an excellent magistrate and a prudent and good man; but prudence is a necessary qualification for all those who engage in public affairs.
Four Indian naval ships are on a month-long overseas deployment to the Gulf to engage in naval exercises with friendly regional navies.
Mumbai Four Indian warships are on a goodwill visit to several maritime nations of Africa and the South Indian Ocean where they will engage in naval exercises.
This means, in turn, that the next court will be more able to engage in an intelligent analysis of its own, free from the spin of litigants and lawyers.
Never mind that, at the time of Malvo's detention, no one could have predicted that he would engage in homicidal violence.
The perception remains widespread that ADL continues to engage in surveillance of Arab and Muslim groups, and that it will continue to intimidate and silence those voices it deems 'anti-Semitic' under its broad definition that equates anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism or criticism of Israel.
Today, Hare Krishnas chant and dance, Moonies engage in rousing cheers, and no doubt they have a good time doing so, but the business of the left has always