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No,' said Nicholas, 'and for that reason poverty should engender an honest pride, that it may not lead and tempt us to unworthy actions, and that we may preserve the self-respect which a hewer of wood and drawer of water may maintain, and does better in maintaining than a monarch in preserving his.
And therefore let us put an end to such tales, lest they engender laxity of morals among the young.
The heavy pillars which support the roof engender masses of black shade, but between them there are lanes of light.
Pantheism is the child of light; mist engenders faith in near protectors.
He will also give awards to the winners and the event is expected to engender healthy competition among local brands," said Usamah M.
Women's campaign group Engender said the election had been a missed opportunity.
SIR - One of the joys of holidaying in southern Europe is to see the way hotel and restaurant staff instinctively respond to children - their natural warmth, smiles and hospitality must not only engender trust but it must make the occasion memorable for all those involved.
The listener is captivated by Doctorow's sober speculations about the novels the war in Iraq will engender, to take their place alongside the novels of Hemingway and Malraux.
Although the courts and postwar popular culture sought to keep interracial intimacy in the private sphere and to contain the political transformations it could engender, the black press and at least some black civil rights activists celebrated examples of black-white romances and marriages and embraced interracial intimacy as a civil rights issue.
Although it's conceivable that these programs have changed to one degree or another in the months or years since publication, revisiting them can engender its own reward: an encouraging feeling that despite all the problems posed by the outside world, the unsung professionals of long-term care are doing good things for people under their care.
Although he and his officials insist they have no desire to engender such a cult, his supporters and the largely state-controlled TV networks have ensured that one has grown up.
Logging always seems to engender debate, but in communities along the Ottawa River in Canada, the practice has taken on a less controversial, more environmentally sound tone.