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It also engenders the use of the word engenders, when provokes or, simply starts would suffice.
Rather than strengthening religion," the brief concludes, "the display undermines religious interests: it shows disrespect for the freedom of conscience, tends to degrade and corrupt religion, and engenders social conflict and religious discord.
Getting a panic room is a really bad idea because it engenders more violence .
Taking the stand that milk has its problems--people who are genetically lactose-intolerant, the bovine growth hormone rBGH, the cruelty of factory farming--but is hardly poison either, DuPuis is able to dive beneath the controversy that milk engenders today.
Whatever else it may be, postmodern painting tends to be art-historically self-conscious, saturated with double entendres, and executed in an astute, "crafty" way: tightly controlled no matter how impulsive and free-spirited it may look, no matter how uncanny the associations it engenders might seem.
Here, quiet commonsense is voiced in Michael Breheny's discussion of densities and sustainable cities, while in a sparkling essay Richard Sennett argues that globalization engenders civic indifference.
GAP-43 and CAP-23 together induce up to 60 times as much nerve regrowth as either engenders alone, says coauthor J.
The improvisation engenders its own energy, and at its best moments Munisteri's project sparks with a feeling of discovery.
Gelb and Zeckendorf attribute the volume of sales to a combination of factors, including the current real estate upswing; the scarcity of pre-war condominiums; an extensive building-wide restoration that has returned The Ansonia to its former glory; and the enthusiasm this architectural masterpiece engenders in buyers and brokers.
It has golden flowers in late winter or early spring but you will grow it for its foliage and the ethereal feelings that it engenders.
In his earlier series, De Lepeleire has often shown a certain defiance vis-a-vis painting, its virtuosity, and the traps that this engenders.