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Francis Clare departed for the north of England, at the age of seventeen, to start in life as a civil engineer.
said D'Artagnan, at the aspect of those masses of black rocks, "these are fortifications which do not stand in need of any engineer to render a landing difficult.
The jointed U-tubes of the vacuum-chamber are pressure-tempered colloid (no glass would endure the strain for an instant) and a junior engineer with tinted spectacles watches the Ray intently.
He told them about his son, and how the sea had given up its dead, and they nodded and spat and rejoiced with him; asked after "her, back there," and whether she could stand it if the engineer "let her out a piece," and Cheyne thought she could.
Victor Hatherley, hydraulic engineer, 16A, Victoria Street (3rd floor).
You wouldn't think to look at her that a tailor's assistant has enlisted in the army because she would not say how d'you do to him and an electrical engineer, an electrical engineer, mind you, has taken to drink because she refused to share her hymn-book with him in church.
The conductor helped her off the car and then the engineer started his train again, so that it puffed and groaned and moved slowly away up the track.
You know Cathcart got the post of Consulting Surveyor and Engineer to the Bekwando Syndicate, and he was head man at our London place.
In a few minutes we were on board and talking with an engineer who was watching the sunrise from the deck.
I was working with MacKeller then, an old Scotch engineer who had picked me up in London and taken me back to Quebec with him.
The engineer of a passive tugboat hung lazily to a railing and watched.
A little farther along he came to a bridge across an imaginary stream, where a Civil Engineer (who had built the bridge) demanded something for interest on his investment, and it was forthcoming.

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