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The art of the telephone engineer has in thirty years grown from the most crude and clumsy of experiments into an exact and comprehensive profession.
He did n't know, and called the local engineer, who was able to tell us what it was.
And here, too, were many of the ablest inventors and engineers, who did most to develop the cables and switchboards of to-day.
Carty, now the first of telephone engineers and almost the creator of his profession.
It was the most professional cable- laying that any one at that time could do, and it succeeded, not brilliantly, but well enough to encourage the telephone engineers to go ahead.
Engineers could become bookkeepers, and bookkeepers could become engineers.
the engineers that go down to the sea in ships behold the wonders of sailor nature';" when a change in the visitor's countenance made her stop and stare.
The other day I had been yarning under the bridge with one of the engineers, and he must have heard us.
In ten seconds the coach with its clerks clashed down to the receiving-caisson; the hostlers displaced the engineers at the idle turbines, and Tim, prouder of this than all, introduced me to the maiden of the photograph on the shelf.
Following each assignment and rotation, the engineer and rotational assignment supervisor provide feedback to the career field manager about the assignment.
The engineer in Tri-City was employed by the owner pursuant to a written contract as a design engineer to prepare plans for improvements to the owner's waste water system.