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This year, golf's money train of a postseason features a new event at which the sport's rich and famous can further engorge their already sizeable net worths.
O my head's too wide to fit between those jowls, say I, for all their touted skill to stretch balloonlike & engorge their prey .
Ruff comes from the Becher school of the hard stare; Mann is a romantic in a southern, To Kill a Mockingbird vein; Sturges specializes in portraits of nude teenage girls that are guaranteed to engorge the adult heterosexual male.
The lawsuit further alleges that, as part of a scheme for unjust enrichment, and following a change of control, the hostile takeover group planned to massively engorge themselves with additional Hemispherx shares by "merging" with worthless, privately held laboratory companies in which they are currently primary shareholders.