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However, no significant difference was seen in the amount transmitted by mosquitoes allowed to completely engorge compared with mosquitoes allowed to probe only, without engorgement (p>0.
And the fact that the Kama Sutra describes engorgement of the vaginal wall during sex isn't enough to pin our hopes on either.
Effects of partial blood engorgement and pretest carbohydrate availability on the repellency of Deet to Aedes albopictus.
For centuries, women have been reporting engorgement of the upper, anterior part of the vagina during the stage of sexual excitement, despite the fact the structure of this phenomenon had not been anatomically determined.
Whatever the explanation, SDSS-III has provided a wealth of new information on the engorgement of the Sagittarius galaxy.
Deflate the cuff completely and rest the arm briefly before reinflating as the venous engorgement generated by the cuff may give a falsely high diastolic reading.
Pregnant women are at a high risk of presenting with advanced breast carcinoma than non-pregnant women, since small malignant lumps are difficult to detect because of the natural engorgement and tenderness of the breast during pregnancy and lactation.
Multiple theories exist as to the pathogenesis of these pseudodiverticula, including occlusion of the lumen of these ducts by desquamated cells of the mucosal glands followed by engorgement versus metaplasia of the epithelium.
I had engorgement when I started breastfeeding, which was sore, but that was down to bad positioning and when I sorted that out it was a lot easier.
Following "Rub" and "Nibble," the engorgement assisting plant is headlined by the word "Swallow.
Although there has been little previous scientific evaluation of pelvic nerve stimulated vaginal engorgement and clitoral erectile mechanisms, there is no logical reasons why the multiple available technologies cannot be applied and rapidly expand the physiological/pathophysiological knowledge base of female sexual dysfunction.