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The grant will fund work over the next year to investigate whether the Company's proprietary human liver engrafting cells (hLEC) can be made resistant to infection by the hepatitis C virus.
Luc Hospital) to further the development of the Company's proprietary human liver engrafting cells (hLEC) as a potential cell-based liver therapy.
Millan's paper, entitled "Long-term Engraftment of Human Liver-derived Stem/Progenitor Cells," will demonstrate that a population of human liver engrafting cells (hLEC) identified and isolated by StemCells, Inc.
Cellular transplantation is under evaluation by many groups as a potential treatment for a variety of liver diseases, but the clinical utility of such transplantation is currently limited by the inability to reproducibly extract the necessary numbers of liver engrafting cells.
The manuscript described a novel in vivo multiple myeloma (MM) model developed by engrafting a human multiple myleoma cell line into severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) mice previously given implants of a human fetal bone chip.
The technology involves engrafting human immune cells into mice that lack a functional immune system.
It is also, we believe, a scientific milestone since to our knowledge no other technology has been successful in engrafting cells expressing a cloned gene in the bone marrow of adult subjects without first ablating the patient, a process in which blood cells are destroyed.
Because it is ultimately donor-derived T-cells in a mini transplant that both eliminate the abnormal host blood cells and cause GVHD, a delicate balance has to be struck between engrafting too many T-cells (causing GVHD) and too few (contributing to failure of donor cell engraftment).