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Furthermore, the convex rim of a thin disc can be used to engrave features in any orientation on a seal.
The bidder shall provide a list of materials the laser engraver can engrave and cut.
Giorgio Ghisi, who also learned how to engrave in Mantua, avoided both mechanical shading combinations and difficult-to-read images by working the surfaces of his plates until they were so covered with tone he could pick out the brightest lights by judiciously opening the net of marks.
It also connected her quite publicly with a cleaned-up, late cinquecento Giulio Romano, the painter who had done so brilliantly in Rome as the successor of Raphael until he disgraced himself by designing a set of erotic drawings for Marcantonio Raimondi to engrave, and left for Mantua and greater fame.
In the early 1580s Diana mined Mantuan imagery one last time in order to engrave an ambitious decorated Lunario calculated by her husband and illustrated with minuscule pictures taken from the astrological motifs in the Sala dei Venti of the Palazzo Te.
Now you have a chance to engrave the name, or any other text you wish, on the ring for your friend or fiancee.
CO2 laser systems are used to mark metal with 2D and data matrix bar codes, engrave and cut acrylic, wood, plastic, glass, rubber, leather, fabric, matte board, and melamine, and that is just the start.
Hoffman further explained that they don't just engrave words.
We engrave a lot of photos of people's favorite professional teams and players as well as music memorabilia of a favorite band or artist," he said.
Universal's laser systems are used to cut, mark, and engrave plastic, metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramic, rubber, acrylic, textiles, and many other materials quickly and easily.
3) The fiber optic laser engraves cells with a high thermal component creating a vitrified, almost glasslike cell inner lining.
State-of-the-art machinery engraves an exclusive identification number on the drive enclosure, which is then recorded with its owner's contact information in Pexagon's database.