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30pm, as a result, the smoke that was stuck in the pipe started billowing in immeasurable quantity and engulfed the areas within the radius of five to seven kilometres.
Crew found on each floor, right next to the duct, bundle of papers engulfed on each floor, even in iron file cabinets which certainly create doubts leading towards a case of arson," reads the report.
New Delhi [India], Jan 28 ( ANI ): A thick layer of fog engulfed the national capital and its neighbouring regions on Sunday morning, affecting the train services.
The blaze had engulfed part of the building housing state TV offices in the city's Saddar area, officials said.
Since most houses in the village were built of wood, it did not take long for them to be engulfed by the blaze.
BEIRUT: A huge fire engulfed a lumber warehouse in a Mount Lebanon town Sunday, the state-run National News Agency reported.
AGONY Efforts by the emergency worker are in vain and he can only watch as victim is engulfed
Fire erupted in a plastic factory located in New Karachi Industrial area early Friday morning, which engulfed other parts of area.
Fire tenders are busy in dousing the fire that has engulfed half part of the building however, two people who were stranded inside the building have been rescued.
Nerresa Delemios, 36, and her daughter Jessa Delemios, 9, tried to escape but were trapped when a blaze engulfed their home in Purok (sub-village) 5, Barangay (village) Dalmac at around 3:20 a.
The fire, believed to be caused by faulty diesel-powered equipment, engulfed about 15 floors of the building from the 11th floor upwards, officials were cited as saying.
At least four people were wounded in the attack on Le Jardin, an Afghan-owned eatery, which caused a piercingly loud explosion and left a building engulfed in flames.