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According to reports, compared with the previous, current Fair in plastic "to promote market demand-oriented exhibition, exhibition to enhance the brand influence, industry associations to play its advantages in resources, to enhance the degree of international forums and exhibitions to promote investment platform" and so on there have been new upgrade.
According to him, a group of 15 countries had been trying to make a pivotal change in the aviation industry and enhance the degree of safety management.
Masterpass QR streamlines this step with a quick, intuitive and secure way to pay, eliminating the need for shoppers to pay using cash and helping merchants enhance the degree of convenience their customers can expect when shopping with them.
In case, countries fail to take such sincere actions, measures are being considered for the follow-up of the implementation of the conventions, including a review mechanism of the action to enhance the degree of implementation.
MANILA -- Amid a maritime dispute in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), the Philippine Navy is hosting the annual Asean Navy Chiefs Meeting, an activity which aims to further enhance the degree of cooperation and interoperability among the navies in the region.
Therefore, Ag/C nanocables enhance the degree of crosslinking, which subsequently leads to the formation of more highly crosslinked areas.
The results of this investigation agree with previous studies that ACP-opioid combinations enhance the degree of sedation provided by ACP alone (MONTEIRO et al.
Of course, factors such as lower elasticity of demand and absence of a substitute should enhance the degree of pleasure of consumption.
And having lots of clubbers all encamped in one place tends to enhance the degree of lunacy.
The joint venture will enhance the degree of vertical integration, since Astrium will be able to manufacture most of the required equipment in-house.
Meeting with this External Consultative Committee is intended to enhance the degree of information sharing and the raising of awareness on different aspects of the Year 2000 problem by both public and private sectors within the global financial markets.