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It remained to baffle him, that enigmatic statement of hers that she could more easily have married the Elam Harnish fresh from the Klondike than the present Elam Harnish.
For that sort of inertia in woman is always enigmatic and therefore menacing.
Prince Michael smiled his enigmatic, gentle, comprehending smile and caught the coat sleeve of the other.
His lips moved, and he gave voice to this enigmatic utterance:
Liza Merkalova was a thin brunette, with an Oriental, languid type of face, and--as everyone used to say--exquisite enigmatic eyes.
This glow shone out in her exquisite, truly enigmatic eyes.
I was at first unable to solve these questions, but perpetual attention and time explained to me many appearances which were at first enigmatic.
As yet I have done nothing except form a very uncomfortable third at a luncheon and tea party, and listen to a good deal of enigmatic conversation between you and the charming Lady Carey.
He smiled no longer his enigmatic and mocking smile.
Burns--man of enigmatic moods--made this statement with an inanimate face and staring wilfully at the rudder casing.
It was the sheet upon which I had scrawled the enigmatic message.
He wondered every time at his sombre and enigmatic impression and, mistrusting himself, put off finding the explanation of it.