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Tulliver, foreseeing nothing but misbehavior while the children remained indoors, took an early opportunity of suggesting that, now they were rested after their walk, they might go and play out of doors; and aunt Pullet gave permission, only enjoining them not to go off the paved walks in the garden, and if they wanted to see the poultry fed, to view them from a distance on the horse-block; a restriction which had been imposed ever since Tom had been found guilty of running after the peacock, with an illusory idea that fright would make one of its feathers drop off.
Though the court denied Newcastle's request for a temporary restraining order enjoining the declaration of the dividend, it has set July 31, 2008 as a date for a hearing regarding a preliminary injunction enjoining a substantial dividend.
The court also ordered the NYC Department of Buildings to show cause why an order should not be issued permanently enjoining the NYC Department of Buildings from issuing temporary c/os.
Smania continued representing an individual in legal proceedings in both state and federal courts in violation of the Supreme Court of Florida's September 4, 1997, injunction enjoining Smania from engaging in the unlicensed practice of law in Florida.
It seeks an injunction enjoining the defendants from "pursuing fraudulent and extortionate polices and practices" including "prohibiting the payment of reimbursement which is not adequate to cover the costs of delivering health care services Defendants have promised Defendants' members.
As stated recently by the California Supreme Court in enjoining certain conduct of a criminal street gang: