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The perceptions included clarity, understandability, credibility, enjoyability, engagement, and informative ness.
consumers "about their interactions with a variety of companies, scoring those experiences in three areas: meets needs, easy to work with, and enjoyability.
The study is based on consumer evaluations during November 2009 across three areas: 1) meeting needs; 2) being easy to work with; and 3) enjoyability.
Online is preferred over print, in some cases by considerable margins, for respondents' ability to find the information they need, the time they save finding the right information, entertainment, enjoyability, how the information is organized, how detailed it is and how useful the information is.
The report is based on companies' combination of ease of use, usefulness and enjoyability of experience.
By combining our clever technological solutions and outstanding design with Hoover's content, we believe we can offer Hoover's a new level of usability and enjoyability.
Forrester asked more than 4,500 consumers about their interactions with 114 companies across 12 different industries and developed its Customer Experience Index based on the usefulness, ease of use, and enjoyability of those experiences.
With Camtasia Studio's ease-of-use and superior compression, my workflow efficiency and enjoyability has increased immensely," said Torley of Linden Lab, maker of Second Life.
According to a February 2008 Forrester report titled Customer Experience Spending Intensifies In 2008, "when asked about their priorities, more than 80% of respondents said that improving the usability, usefulness, and enjoyability of the online experience is more important this year.
Manganovel will continue to work with Professor Maeda to develop a platform even more convenient than a comic; an interface combining usability, usefulness and enjoyability.