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29% of the surveyed found it enjoyable and only 6% found it unenjoyable.
We found this the most effective and enjoyable museum we have visited in this country or abroad and cannot understand how, as one of the few remaining jewels in the Kirklees' crown, its future could ever be threatened by the local authority.
One of the Scouts said: "It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and exactly what I joined Scouts to do
Our thanks to you Scousers for making it a most enjoyable, if cold, weekend.
It is never an enjoyable week after such a result like that," said Hughton.
He added that fitness is not about boring walks on the treadmill, it can be highly enjoyable.
Reception teacher Catherine Holyoake added: "We've had a really enjoyable experience this morning.
Talking to those involved, they have said it is fantastic and very enjoyable.
After 20 years as movie reviewer for NCR and after a year and a half of enjoyable collaboration with Kevin Doherty, I'm happy to announce my retirement.
Well done to everyone concerned for a very enjoyable day.
We were thrown in completely, and it has been an incredible experience though not entirely enjoyable.
Here is an industry that surely understands every aspect of its customers' decision-making process but appears to dismiss the fact that our choice of supermarket may well be influenced by making what in many respects is considered a chore, a little more enjoyable.