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Participants will learn enjoyably about the tests used to select astronauts, about the food, clothing and living situations in space, and about the moon.
Idina Menzel is a powerful Elphaba--imagine Tori Amos as Thoroughly Green Millie--but Kristin Chenoweth can't help stealing the show with a postmodern Glinda who borrows heavily and enjoyably from Will & Gerace's Karen.
I FOUND Sanho Tree's article "The War at Home" (May-June 2003) enjoyably thought-provoking.
For those on a tight budget, and with second or third systems that need a boost to run Windows XP enjoyably, Evergreen's Hardware Upgrade Bundles for Windows XP provide an affordable and effective choice.
Enjoyably written this will interest all those interested in English rural life, whether cricketers or not.
Our new Random House building will be a state-of-the-art publishing environment in which we can creatively and enjoyably devote ourselves to our books.
I found myself, then, in a happy and receptive mood: happy because I was enjoyably involved in looking.
com states, "An enjoyably anarchic love letter to the never-say-die spirit of Cuba and to music as a way of life, "Habana Blues" is a vibrant portrayal of a group of musicians struggling to make the big timeO [Director] Benito Zambrano's keen sense of emotional nuance -- as revealed in his 1999 debut "Alone" -- takes a backseat here, but [the film] should generate art house interest offshore for the infectiously upbeat ambience of its early reels and classy soundtrack.
But McLean is adamant his part-time team can enjoyably freewheel through the second tier and cause some severe upsets.
Peter Dinklage is enjoyably demented as a samurai-obsessed former colleague turned bitter business enemy.
Every now and then a bag of chips puts you in an enjoyably strange kind of potato heaven and, by Gollum, this was one of those occasions.
Celebrating 60 years of the enjoyably naff singing contest, it will boast performances from classic acts such as Finland's Lordi and reigning champion Conchita Wurst.