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how infinite and inexpressible a blessing it is that the knowledge of God, and of the doctrine of salvation by Christ Jesus, is so plainly laid down in the Word of God, so easy to be received and understood, that, as the bare reading the Scripture made me capable of understanding enough of my duty to carry me directly on to the great work of sincere repentance for my sins, and laying hold of a Saviour for life and salvation, to a stated reformation in practice, and obedience to all God's commands, and this without any teacher or instructor, I mean human; so the same plain instruction sufficiently served to the enlightening this savage creature, and bringing him to be such a Christian as I have known few equal to him in my life.
Having communicated this piece of information, apparently more for the purpose of discharging his bosom of an important fact, than with any specific view of enlightening Mr.
They are all people who are in trouble about something, and want a little enlightening.
Including sub-chapters such as: Jesus As God And Man; The Life And Teachings Of Jesus; The Love Of Jesus; Life In Christ; Jesus As Savior; The Power Of The Cross; Images Of Jesus; Jesus And History; and His Spiritual Legacy, 444 Surprising Quotes About Jesus substantively contributes to an enlightened and enlightening understanding of Jesus Christ's enduring influence and timeless wisdom.
In Phillips's hands, Williams's story takes on a resonance that is at once heartbreaking and enlightening, individual and public.
The language is understandable, intelligent, friendly, enlightened, and enlightening.