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Ken, an enlisted man in his early 20s, left with his battalion that day, but he had said goodbye to his boyfriend, Paul, the night before, many miles off base.
Morgan Littlefield (Stephen Lang), who is white, has a fling with the wife of an enlisted man under his command.
The woman, who is the wife of a naval enlisted man, won a lower court decision forcing the military to pay for her abortion.
Baker has been in the Air Force for close to 28 years, starting his career as an enlisted man.
Gerry Manalo, chairman of Barangay Aringgay in Kabacan town, and ex-Army enlisted man Clemente Molina died of gunshot wounds from cal.
Booth joined the British Army as enlisted man and was commissioned as a second lieutenant on July 16, 1915.
Smallwood uses Slayton's story as a way to examine the extraordinary life of an enlisted man in the Army Air Corps during World War II, and of the American soldier's experience in a Nazi prison camp.
The American Enlisted Man quickly points out in its first three chapters that during America's early wars, true volunteers among the enlisted ranks were few and far between.
One enlisted man running one of the boats said he assumed the approaching gunboats were from Saudi Arabia.
The proposed bill seeks to amend Section 25 of PD 1638 which provides that 'surviving children of an officer or enlisted man born of his marriage contracted prior to his retirement/separation from the service, and children, adopted or acknowledged, while the deceased parent was still on active military service: Provided, That entitlement to benefits shall terminate when such children attain twenty-one (21) years of age or get married.
Troops Hoops was created by former Adamson University Falcon and current enlisted man Jan Colina to augment the Hero Foundation that helps out the children of fallen servicemen.

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