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Jenny Saville paints women's bodies--bodies distorted to the point of being grotesque--but she also just paints, with an energy that enlivens her otherwise bloated, inert, sometimes carcasslike subjects.
Each decade, a new iconic version arises that enlivens the tale for its generation of young hearts: West Side Story in the 1950s, the Franco Zeffirelli film in the 1960s, not to mention many noteworthy ballet productions for the higher-browed.
It's the music, an accomplished mix of rock and pop styles that strengthens the playful parts and enlivens the moody material.
A mineral character that enlivens the fruit rather than overwhelms it distinguishes Crichton Hall's 2000 Napa Valley Chardonnay among other California Chardonnays.
Bucking the trend of retelling fairy tales in order to empower formerly passive heroines, Dokey's retelling of The Thousand and One Nights enlivens a heroine who is active and clever in legend.
A new headquarters for a German lighting manufacturer combines offices and workshops in a sleek, energy-conscious tube that enlivens a dreary public realm.
We are adding InfoAlerts because it builds on this ideal: to create a user experience that enlivens and personalizes their Web experience.
Some martial arts action enlivens the story, and there is some humor here, too.