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They found her a charming companion, and her dancing and laughter--for she laughed at times like the tinkling of a silver bell--did much to enliven their journey and keep them contented.
Hitherto their progress had been silent and somewhat rapid, for as swell after swell was mounted and passed, without varying, or discovering a living object to enliven the monotony of the view, even the tongue of Esther was hushed in increasing anxiety.
Always well disposed to assist the constituted authorities, Miss Abbey bade Bob Gliddery attend the gentlemen to that retreat, and promptly enliven it with fire and gaslight.
Enlivens is a one- stop shop for all homerelated accessories.
Wrapped around lampposts and telegraph poles, the familiar Unikko pattern of gaudy abstract flowers cheers and enlivens the streetscape.
Lacrosse action enlivens the narrative as Nate tries to figure out where he belongs and what his future holds.
Fathom, recent winner of the Education Software Review EDDIE Award, enlivens mathematics learning with real-world data and simulations.
Each decade, a new iconic version arises that enlivens the tale for its generation of young hearts: West Side Story in the 1950s, the Franco Zeffirelli film in the 1960s, not to mention many noteworthy ballet productions for the higher-browed.
It's the music, an accomplished mix of rock and pop styles that strengthens the playful parts and enlivens the moody material.