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That Ruskin has only displaced his attention from the rawer contacts in the family's narcissistic enmeshments is evident in how selectively he adapts his main source in Wordsworth besides The Excursion--"The Brothers," the first of the class of poems "founded on the affections.
Finally, there was a significant positive correlation between Nurturance Seeking and Peer Enmeshment (z = 2.
Another serious consequence of enmeshment in the emigre family is that children take on the roles and responsibility of their parents who are unwilling or unable to cope with the demands of life after immigration.
and his colleagues outlined the impact of enmeshment in families where a child has an eating disorder.
Rethinking patient care organizations' enmeshment in proprietary systems of image storage will be an important step forward, says Joe Marion, founder and principal at the Waukesha, Wis.
He studied under the Palestinian intellectual Edward Said and authored the highly influential essay, "Canaanites, Cowboys, and Indians" (1989), in which he critiqued the biblical Exodus narrative for its enmeshment with the conquest narrative of "the indigenous inhabitants of Canaan" that immediately follows it--a narrative that has too often been used to justify subsequent conquests of indigenous populations, including in the U.
The Cumberland Valley student has morphed into the Grand Master of Egypt's enmeshment.
5) According to Imahori and Cupach (2005), intercultural relationships go through phases as communicators manage identities of each other: trial, enmeshment, and renegotiation.
In Browning's final periodical poem the two strands converge: he fiercely pays tribute to his late wife while deliberately exploiting the periodical's enmeshment in the news cycle to attack Edward FitzGerald.
Elisabeth Bronfen speaks of the "murky enmeshment of mutual consent, mutual deceit, and mutual desire" (174).
According to this hierarchy of aggregates, macroaggregates are first formed around decomposing organic matter through the enmeshment of mineral particles, particulate organic residues and old microaggregates by fungal hyphae and microbial and root exudates.