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interventionism "has led k to leap into situations where it often had no interests, much less durable solutions, and where it has repeatedly created disasters and enduring enmities," he notes.
It goes without saying that this volume is also essential reading for Jews still nursing old enmities, or who may be reluctant to participate in dialogue out of frustration over past attempts.
But running an Asian candidate is a problem because Asians don't share "a common language, religion, or culture, and ancient enmities divide them," reports the Reader.
Old enmities and alliances from the World War II era are crumbling, and the environment has once more moved onto the center stage of public opinion and political rhetoric.
In this novel Sonawani takes readers back to the times, contemporary to Christ, when in central Asia nomads roamed in tribes with their own faiths and sworn enmities with opposite clans.
Also on Tuesday, Salehi blasted the western states for their unfounded allegations against Iran, and said the West's enmities are rooted in their fear of Iran's increasing power and influence in the region.
Alliances and enmities, a wide variety of resources and magical items, underground worlds and mystical spells all are part of a deeply involving game.
To lead the region into a better future, Washington must adapt and leave old enmities behind," he said.