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On top of all the entertainment-oriented videos out there, a significant number of students have standardized on the Mac for online education and training," stated Don Hejna, president of Enounce.
A free seven-day trial may be downloaded from the Enounce website so consumers can try before they buy.
It's empowering to control the speed of a lecture or presentation to suit your personal viewing style," says Don Hejna, president of Enounce.
Enounce technology makes it possible to watch video at any speed between one-third and more than twice normal speed, saving more than 30 minutes on a one-hour video without missing a thing.
Enounce MySpeed(TM) software is available for Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs in three editions:
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Enounce Software Speeds Up Production Time and Provides Enhanced
SFTH039 08/31/2000 06:00 r f bc-CA-Enounce-Tellme (PALO ALTO) Enounce Licenses Speech Processing Technology to Tellme Networks
The 2xAV plug-in is available for immediate download at the Enounce web-site ( http://www.
New third-party plug-in products -- 2xAV from Enounce, Inc.
It enounces the possibility of new forms of co-existence through the inter-subjective experience that literature makes possible.